"Endless Referrals" (Paperback) by Bob Burg

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"If you are serious about your sales career, whether you are selling a product,  service, or yourself, master the contents of this book and you will practically  guarantee your future success."   - Tom Hopkins, author of How To Master The  Art Of Selling

Brand New Chapter Include How To Make Money Via:
Home-Based Businesses Network Marketing (MLM) Mail Order Marketing
Marketing Through The Internet In this newly revised version of Bob's  bestselling book (over 100,000 copies sold!), he updates many of the principles  and techniques that resulted in ENDLESS REFERRALS becoming an underground hit  within numerous niche sales industries such as network marketing, and insurance,  and a staple for salespeople new and veteran everywhere. His book has been  reviewed in national magazines and company newsletters alike, and has even drawn  praise from fellow well-known authors such as Tom Hopkins (How to Master the Art  of Selling), Dottie Walters (Speak & Grow Rich), Denis Waitley (Seeds of  Greatness), and syndicated columnists such as Jane Applegate. 

In this revised edition, the author spells out options for our nation's  entrepreneurs, showcasing various home-based businesses and, with the help of  experts in those particular fields, actually showing the reader how to get off  to a flying start.

"This book is filled with great advice for building a network and increasing  your business.  A must read for the serious business owner AND an absolute for  every network marketer."  --- Lisa Wilber