"An Avon Lady Sings!" performed by Sue Fabisch

$ 5.99

What it is: a four-song CD of original tunes to inspire and motivate Avon Ladies and mark Representatives.  "An Avon Lady Sings" is the first album of it's kind:  written FOR Avon Ladies, BY Avon Ladies, ABOUT Avon Ladies.

How It Came To Be:  Inspired by the rags-to-riches story of Lisa Wilber's Avon Career, the signature song "If You Don't Have a Dream, How Can You Have a Dream Come True" impressed corporate in NY and an album was born.

Original Songs Include

    *  "Have a Dream...(the Avon Lady Song)"  All about the Avon Lady working to become the next Avon Millionaire! *  "Avon, You're So Beautiful"  My take on the ultimate Avon Theme Song *  "I'm Makin' My Mark"  For the young woman ready to take flight *  "Watch Me"  the one that inspires people to say, If you don't think I can do it, get outta my way and watch me!

What It Can Do For You:  Keep you singing to bring you:

    More Sales!  More Fun!  More Inspiration!  More Money!