"A View from the Top: Volume 3" Book

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This book features 19 of Avon's top leaders sharing their stories of success and tips that helped them make it to the top.  Featured co-authors: Katheryn Anderson, Dolly & Henry Aspeytia, Berta Bench, Dilenia Collado, Karen Criss, Julie Lee Hoffman, Suzy Ishmael, Theresa Kraai, Wendy McGehrin, S. Diane Melton, Lisa Monoson, Linda Montavon, Heather Murray, Brian & Joanna Neiderhiser, Jennett Cenname Pulley, Susan Roper, Malcolm & Mary Shelton, Rebecca Spuehler and Feanny Xu.  Foreword by Avon Products, Inc. CEO Sheri McCoy.  Introduction by Lisa M. Wilber.  Back cover endorsement by Len Clements, Founder & CEO, MarketWave, Inc. (www.InsideNM.com)