Formidable Four Wristband Complete Set

$ 4.00 $ 12.00

You know us as "The Formidable Four": Lisa Wilber, Lisa Scola, Molly Stone-Bibb and Theresa Paul.  We fight for "No Drama, Earnings and the Avon Way"!  This is a set of four wristbands - one from each of the Formidable Four.  Lisa Scola's is pink lettering on gray band that reads "Life, Lipstick and Leadership!".  Molly Stone-Bibb's has white letters on a black band and reads: "Onward No Matter What".  Theresa Paul's has red letters on a black band and reads "Theresa says F-U. FOLLOW UP!" And Lisa Wilber's has white letters on a red & blue band and reads "Dare to Live Your Dreams"  Wear your set to the Avon convention in Orlando in August and feel the power of The Formidable Four!