"A View from the Top: Volume 2"

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This 275 page book is co-authored by 25 Avon Senior Executive Unit Leaders, the top money earners within Avon's Leadership program.  Co-authors are: Anita Albaghli, Marie Benoit-Wilcox, Pete & Gerry Colbath, DixieJean Cunningham, Rose DeLa O Gomez, Kendall Cronk & Maria Delgado-Cronk, Laura Douglas-Robinson, Claudette & Murtain Haskin, Pam Heller, Chris & Gingermichele Kapp, Pam Knight, Angela Kokorudz, Esther Lunnis, Tawana Lyles, Francine McDonald, Dan & Jackie Mundy, Rosemarie Osolinsky, JoAnn Potts, Carrie Purgason, Donna Reid-Mitchell, Lisa Scola, Molly Stone-Bibb, Maria Street, Karen Tucker and Paula Weatherly.  The forward was written by Lisa Wilber.  Special dedication to Sophia Smith written by her husband, Randy Smith.  Back cover testimonial from John Fleming, Publisher & Editor in Chief, "Direct Selling News" and author of "The One Course" (www.theonecoursebook.com)