Yup, I was doing that. Again. March 18 2018, 0 Comments

Woke up this morning to read a comment accusing me of "gloating" about earning a couple hundred dollars worth of company logo items from my company for selling over $5,000 worth of products earlier this year. She said something along the lines of that she was sick of hearing about it because the business worked out for so few that the ones that it worked out for shouldn't put it in everyone's face. She asked me to block her in the comment, so I complied without reply. I felt bad for her, too. I wondered if she really believed there was a way for it to work out for everyone? Does she also not watch the Olympics because it only works out for a few of them, too; and they certainly do seem to enjoy getting those metals when they win. Or how about movies -- does she not watch movies or plays? I think it's pretty well known that the profession of "acting" only works out for a very small percentage of the people that actually want to act. It's my understanding that just about every job or profession only *works out* (where they reach the top level) for a small percentage of people. And in general, those people have invested years of consistent persistence going after it. Take me, for example; in regards to my recent earning of the logo items and the two trips -- I have invested over 35 years into this business. Full. Time. Made and continue to make sacrifices for it. So, yeah -- when I earn a trip or prize -- I'm yelling it from the roof tops (and my Facebook wall)! Hard earned spoils of my relentless drive to get it done, in my opinion. Years ago I didn't let the talk of "it only works out for a few" stop me. Instead, I said "how can I be one of the few then?" Be one of the few. I feel bad for my newly blocked Facebook lurker. I think she missed the point of my post - and probably she is missing the point in general. Work hard. Over a L.O.N.G. period of time. Consistently. Be persistent. Never give up. Be one of the few.