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Great tool that has helped my Avon business for years! August 30 2016, 0 Comments

You may have heard me talk about using SendOutCards in my Avon business -- I have used that service for about 7 years now and sent hundreds of cards and gifts through them. I mainly use it to build and support my Avon team, but also have used it to run for political office, help Lydia sell Girl Scout cookies, send condolence cards and a million uses in between. I design the cards online and SendOutCards prints the card, stuffs the envelope, puts on the postage and brings it to the post office for me. The cards are beautiful quality -- thick stock, full color. I can use my own pictures, my own handwriting font, too; and make the cards very personal with the merge function. And it's a network marketing company, too -- which I love it when a company I use all the time is one in our own industry! I am a Distributor with them and have a small team -- but everyone knows my main business is AVON, of course! SendOutCards gives us a way to share our designs, too; whether you are connected to me (as a Distributor or customer) or not -- called Sendcere. It's kind of like Pinterest for SendOutCards where we can all post our designs and anyone can use them. Here is the link to some of my Avon themed designs: If you already have a SendOutCards account, you can save the designs you like, edit them and use them. If you want more information about being a SendOutCards customer or Distributor, my web site is: P.S. You may want to check with your upline to be sure they are not already a SendOutCards Distributor, too; so if you are going to join, you join under them. My intent is only to share this great tool that I have found so useful in my business. I spend far more using SendOutCards than I earn from it, any money I earn from signups go toward my SendOutCards addiction. <smile>