Special request from Lisa & Lydia Wilber March 24 2017, 0 Comments

Between Lydia & Amanda, my Camp Takodah bill this year is mucho deniro. Camp is having another VIDEO CONTEST where we can win $500 off our Camp fees -- how great is that?! Lydia and I are entered and all you have to do to help us is LIKE the Camp Takodah page and vote for our video by LIKE ing it! Will you help? Last time they had a video contest, the mighty Avon army blew everyone out of the water with so many votes -- and we won! -- let's do it again! Here is the link with directions: (our video is entitled WILBER - scroll down if you don't see it at first)
Vote now for the winner of the #becauseofcamp Video Contest! Each 'Like' counts as a vote. Vote for as many videos as you like. Voting goes until 3/31/17 at 5:00 PM EST. Encourage all your friends and family to join our Facebook Page to vote. The video with the most votes wins. The winner will receive $500 off their 2017 Camp Takodah summer camp fees. Vote now: http://facebook.com/camptakodah/videos/ (scroll down to the "#becauseofcamp Video Contest" Playlist.