Monday Morning Madness: CHAPTER NINE: Success Leaves Clues with Avon's Lisa Wilber March 11 2018, 0 Comments

On the Monday, March 12th edition of Monday Morning Madness, we'll continue our discussion of the book "The Success Principles" by Jack Canfield - Chapter 9: SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES. This chapter is short and sweet - with big impact! I'll be sharing some of my favorite mentors and their books and audio programs that have impacted my life and business. Be sure to have your list ready, too; so you can share with the group. Following in the foot steps of someone who has done what you want to do is powerful, and we'll be discussing just how powerful it is on March 12th starting at 9 a.m. EST. Join the audio only by dialing 712-775-7035 and using access code: 498688. (after the call has completed, dial 712-775-7039 and use access code: 498688 to hear the replay). To watch the live stream go to After the live stream is completed, you'll find the replay and many of the past shows in the VIDEOS section of that group page. Feel free to share this call information with your upline, downline and colleagues. Even though I am an Avon Representative, these calls have always been open to everyone - so feel free to share with your friends in other direct sales companies. (also be mindful when you are commenting that this group and this show is not geared toward Avon specifically but to all small business owners and in particular those in direct sales) I'll have our LIKE&SHARE winner to announce as well as the new prize bundle to show you! Will I say your name? The magic mirror is all sparkly and just waiting for me to see you!