MONDAY MORNING MADNESS: Chapter 10/Success Principles w/Lisa Wilber March 25 2018, 0 Comments

REMINDER: Monday Morning Madness, March 26, 2018 starting at 9:00 a.m. EST Live Stream here: or audio only by calling 712-775-7035 and use access code: 498688. On this edition, we'll be talking about CHAPTER 10: RELEASE THE BRAKES from Jack Canfield's Book "The Success Principles". It's all about improving your self talk, positive affirmations and letting go of limiting beliefs. Love interacting with you live, but if you can't fit that in I always record! Find a library of past shows on our Facebook group page (above), simply click on VIDEOS from the left hand column, or listen to the last show's audio by calling 712-775-7039 and enter access code 498688 after the show completes. Remember, I do Monday Morning Madness every other Monday all year long with only a few exceptions. One exception is coming up on April 9th where I'll be in Disney on the Avon Honors Trip and will not be doing the show that day. Next show is April 23rd where I'll be back with CHAPTER 11. I've got my sparkly magic mirror waiting to see YOU and say your name! I'll be announcing the LIKE&SHARE prize winner from last show and showing the new awesome prize bundle that I'll be giving away on the next show! Feel free to share this call information with your upline, downline and colleagues. I am a Platinum Executive Leader with Avon, but this is not an Avon specific show. I may throw in an example from my business now and again, but this show is really about our profession: so all are welcome and I believe would find value in the information. Feel free to invite them to our group page that supports these calls, too: