Getting more people to know who you are and what you do November 22 2014, 5 Comments

Many of the products we sell in The Winner In You are items that I personally have been using successfully in my business but that are hard to find if someone wants to purchase a small quantity at a reasonable price.  The Brochure Box is such an item.  I first saw The Brochure Box being used by a Realtor with a sell sheet about a property for sale inside of it.  I loved the fact that it is weather resistant and says "FREE BROCHURE" on the front.  I love that it is see through so customers know exactly what is inside before they open the lid.  I've used the Brochure Box a number of ways including having one attached next to the front door of my office so people can take a brochure when we are not open and also rigging up a way for the Brochure Box to be rolled up in the window of my car so a customer that sees my car wrap can take a brochure, too.  (we also sell the "vehicle adaptation kit" so you don't have to take the time to figure out how to do that)  I'm always on the look out for different ways to attract attention to my business . . . and yours.  I recently changed my web site to this new format so I don't have all of the Winner In You products on here yet, but I certainly and working on getting them here for you.  I'm also open to suggestions if you know of a product that you believe would be a good fit for us to carry that help direct sellers attract more customers and team members.  THANK YOU for visiting my site, THANK YOU for connecting with me and THANK YOU for using our products.  I sincerely hope they help you build a bigger and better business.