About Us


The Winner In You offers sales aids and products to help direct sellers, party plan sellers and multi-level marketers earn more money with their business.  The company was founded in 1995 by Lisa M. Wilber, Avon Platinum Executive Leader.  Lisa was the first Senior Executive Unit Leader on the East Coast with Avon's multi-level marketing program entitled "Leadership" in March 1994 and was often asked to speak at functions around the country.  As she attended functions and met other Representatives, she realized there was a need for sales aids and information about increasing sales and building a team.  Lisa has continually searched out and added products to The Winner In You that she uses in her business and with her own team members.  Proud to have served as a member of the Board of Directors for The Academy of Multi-Level Marketing in 2013.

The Winner In You is owned by Lisa Wilber, currently the # 5 money earner in the United States with New Avon, LLC.  Lisa's downline team of over 9,000 Representatives (9 generations) sells over $20 million dollars annually.  With cumulative earnings topping 6 million dollars, Lisa is referred to by Avon as "the best known Avon Representative in the world".  Lisa created a line of products to help her own downline and has turned that into a business to help anyone in direct sales, network marketing and party plan.  The line includes her own authored books, her "View from the Top" series of books and audio flash drives co-authored by Avon's top producers, promotional buttons, sales aids and many of her favorite author's materials as well.

Lisa Wilber has been a professional member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) since 1998 and has conducted hundreds of seminars worldwide including presentations in Canada, England, Ireland and all across the United States.